Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An event

Well the initial boring, am I doing this right, blog is out of the way. Now on to more interesting topics. I mentioned self producing. That is exactly what I am doing again. In late April, stop me if you've heard this before, I am producing a weekend of one-acts. All were written by a brilliant new writer, Joe Starzyk, and the event is a fund raiser. Three terrific organizations will benefit. Today was look for more funding and solidify a venue day. Ilooked at the auditorium at HVCC and I spoke again to the folks at Siena. Additionally, I applied for a grant from the Kiwi Foundation. Alas, I was also turned down by the Pioneer Bank Foundation. It is early and I do have committments for $ 1500, but I really want to help these groups as much as possible so ... if anyone can help with a venue and some funding let me know.

Don't have a clue if anyone reads these posts, but I'll keep updating them anyway. Hopefully it will all turn out like it does in the movies.Someone will read this and reply: "I want to help. I'm behind you all the way. Love Oprah."

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